Self Expression Through Hairstyle

Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

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Whether it be the big cut, a crazy hairstyle, or a new dye job. Everyone, at least once in their life, should some kind of drastic change to their hairstyle. Hair, regardless of if people know or not, can say a lot about a person.

Why go through life with just one hairstyle? Hair should evolve along with a person! No one stays the same throughout their entire life.

Changing up a hairstyle can be freeing and allow a person to truly understand themselves. Want to reinvent one’s self?

Get a new hairstyle.

The process of trying to find out what exactly would look good is the trial and error period. By figuring out what you like and what you do not like can help in figuring out more about yourself.

The process of finally changing up your hair can be both fun and scary. It is scary because the end result is unknown, however fun because it just means one more step to being your true self.