Theodore Marantz, Dir. Of Communication

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Ok, first-world problem time, my favorite show of all time is The X-Files. I originally watched the series on Netflix. Netflix was great at the time, it had all my favorite shows, and introduced me to so many more.

This was the golden age of online streaming. The modern-day good ole’ days. Sadly, nothing gold can stay. Not too long after I finished the series, I wanted to go back and watch some different episodes, and was saddened to find it was no longer available. With The X-Files, I found that Prime had taken another one of my favorite shows, Psych.

Upon doing some research, I found that it could be found on Amazon Prime. Ok, not such a big deal, I got my mom’s Amazon Prime password and began watching some of the different shows and movies Prime had to offer, and of course watched some Psych and X-Files episodes.

For a while, things were great. I was exploring Prime and finding new shows and movies I would’ve never found had it not been for The X-Files switch.

After time, however, I grew weary of using two streaming services. I was overwhelmed with the options, so many little movies and shows I had never heard of. I hadn’t even watched The X-Files in months, I had lost sight of what I loved.

This brings me to last night, I was sitting in my room watching The Twilight Zone, another great classic, when I got the sudden urge to just completely start over with The X-Files and watch from season one episode one, until the end (including the movies.)

I went from Netflix to Amazon Prime, all just to find that Prime no longer had The X-Files available, I would have to pay per season if I wanted to watch it. Thanks Prime, but I’ll pass.

Furious with what online streaming had become, I sat there trying to figure out my next move. Do I go back to Netflix and watch Californication, just for David Duchovny? Do I pay to watch The X-Files?

Upon doing some research, I found that it had been moved to Hulu, the same streaming site which had stolen Family Guy from me years before.

What has this world become? So many streaming sites, fighting for great TV shows and movies. And who is the real victim in this battle to be the best? The consumer.

I sit here facing a serious dilemma, do I pay monthly to add Hulu to my list of streaming? I am a college student, money is tight. Soon, my impulse kicked in and the desire to watch The X-Files, combined with the anger I had always felt toward Netflix for letting Family Guy get away, was strong enough that I purchased a subscription to Hulu.

Disappointed in myself for impulse buying a subscription to a streaming service? Yes, absolutely.

However, there’s something I am far more disappointed in. The streaming services. The world was simply a better place when I could find whatever I needed on a single site.

Of all the politics in the world today, I will vote for the candidate who believes in having just one streaming site for everything, 100% of the time.

Let’s get back to the good ole’ days of online streaming.