Introducing Student Doc Fest

Christiana Lenzer, Staff Writer

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The University of Hartford is excited to produce its first Student Doc Fest, where talented students and filmmakers will showcase original documentary trailers about rescuers, survivors, and victims of the Holocaust. The event will take place Thursday, October 18th, 7-9:30 pm in the Wilde Auditorium and is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board, The School of Communication, The Hero Center, and The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judiac Studies. Following the films will be a panel discussion with students, professors and filmmakers, with refreshments included during and after discussion.

The talented list of student documentary trailers includes:

* The Abby Weiner Documentary, by Peter Heitsmith and Jason Dunne

* Borrowed Time, by Danielle Balducci and Marissa Jayawickrema

* Finding Maltida, by Kyle Conti and Taylor Ugrinow

* Just Say Yes-The Mims Butterworth Story, by Kyle Conti and Taylor Ugrinow, special guest R. Harvery Bravman, producer/director of Soul Witness

* The Margot Jeremias Story, by Carl Ebnoti and Chasity Ortiz

The festival not only showcases the beautiful culmination of films that these young filmmakers conceived, but also celebrates the conclusion of a process that has taught these aspiring artists lessons of their craft. Jason Dunne, a student and member of the athletic department at the University of Hartford describes his participation in the festival as a valuable teaching experience, “In terms of videography and collaboration the festival has taught me so many skills” Dunne said, “whether it be the actual creating, or the communication between people you are working with, participating in the doc fest teaches you so much in the business aspect of this industry, almost exactly what it is like in the real world”. The Student Doc Fest provides these students a platform to share their unique artistic voices, and to bring attention to topics that they feel strongly towards. With the festival as a springboard, the filmmakers have the opportunity to educate audiences of their topics and to have them walk away with more knowledge and understanding, prompting them to view the entirety of the documentaries when they premier the Spring of 2019.

Regardless of your major, background, or experience in regard to filmmaking, the festival encourages all students who hold interest in creative film to be involved and share with the Hartford community their story and creative voice. Kyle Conti, producer of Finding Matilda and Just Say Yes- The Mims Butterworth Story recommends students to be involved in the festival as it “allows students to put their work out there, possibly leading to jobs and internships in the future. It’s an overall great opportunity.”

Support the first ever Student Doc Festival this Thursday, October 18th, to ensure the continuation of this opportunity fulfilling event for aspiring filmmakers and artists! We hope to see you on Thursday for the trailer previews! And do not forget to watch the full documentaries this Spring!