Hillyer’s Ju-Yong Ha performs in Seoul

Courtesy of hartford.edu

Shin-joong Kim

Courtesy of hartford.edu

Michelle Mor, Staff Writer

Over winter break, Ju Yong Ha, Hillyer College Assistant Professor, debuted his most recent composition in Seoul, South Korea. 

The piece, titled Nuevo Sanjo, included an arrangement for Gayageum, Daegeum, Violin, and Percussion. On campus, he is an Ethnomusicologist certified in a topic area whose focal point merges both musical composition and the culture from which it stems. 

In Ju Song Ha’s performance of Nuevo Sanjo, the four musicians are strategically arranged about the stage. The center spotlight is on the Gayageum, a Korean string instrument. The video recording of the staged composition is available on the University website. 

In the past, Professor Ju Yong Ha has arranged several performances for the University of Hartford. Last semester, his students and the Karam Ensemble collaborated in performing a piece called Enchanting Sounds of Korea: Beauty and Passion.