What Motivates You?

Megan Miller, News Editor

Throughout college and all times in our academic lives, we reach a point where we just want to stop writing essays, taking tests, and doing projects that sometimes don’t feel necessary. School is just one place that we need motivation to achieve. Sports, clubs, hobbies, and professions all require internal motivation to succeed. What motivates you? Do you have internal motivation where you always feel the need to be the best at anything you do, or do you look externally and perform better when others are watching? In order to succeed everyone needs to have some balance of both internal and external motivation. During the last few weeks of this fall semester, regardless if we notice or not, we’re all looking internally and externally to find motivation to finish off strong. You might feel like you have to get good grades because your parents might get pissed or because you’re looking to get a well-paying job in the near future. You’ll notice while these factors are causing you to work harder, you also have a piece internally that you want to do well for yourself. Motivation can come in all shapes and sizes, and be both hypothetical or realistic. Take a step back and start to think about the things that motivate you to do better and set yourself up for the future, we all have factors that motivate us to be our best selves.