Preparing to Fly

Justin Lockhart, Sports Editor

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Over this short break, I had the privilege to travel abroad for a school trip. It was an amazing experience. However, the experience was 10 hours of flying away. Now there are a few things you must consider when you are preparing to travel for such a duration of time, and there were many people on my flights who did not prepare well. The first thing that I must stress is the gum. This is to make sure your ears do not kill your skull while the plane ascends and descends. The next is pack well for hygiene. Many people don’t think about how nasty one’s body can become when sitting in the same place for hours where the temperature can vary greatly. You need to pack deodorant! I cannot tell you how many people made my plane smell like a locker room for hours. This is very important. Also with hygiene comes staying protected from all the germs that lingering in the airports and on the plane. You need to pack some hand sanitizer in your carry on as well so you don’t get sick the minute you reach your destination. The last thing that you may not think to bring with you is food and water! The airline food can be okay sometimes, but most of the time it leaves you wanting something a little more edible and fresh. This is why you have to plan ahead and pack your own snack and water. Fun tip: Traveling can dehydrate you fairly easily so remember to drink a lot of water. So remember these quick tips the next time you are planning on being stuck in a giant metal bird several hours.