Super Bowl Ads: The Ones that Made an Impression



Chaz Young, Staff Writer

The 53rd Super Bowl may not have lived-up to the expectations of a lot of people, but one thing is for sure, the commercials seem to be more entertaining than the actual game itself.

This year’s round of commercials featured some favorites in the music world, the athletic world, and even the comediennes of the world. One of the commercials featured tennis player, Serena Williams, and depicted her journey, with her only being one grand slam win away from matching Margaret Court’s record of twenty-four Grand Slam victories. However, the brand, Bumble, puts its own spin on her journey by giving a great sense of character.

They showcased Serena Williams and the struggles she has faced and what is still to come in her life, both in the tennis world and personal life. The Bud Light and Game Of Thrones combination had a lot of people freaking out, the clash of the popular beer meets the dominator show of television all in one package.

From T-Mobile ad’s to the Twilight Zone, along with the Backstreet Boys signing in their commercial promoting their 2019 Grammy Nomination, everything with ads were jammed-packed. The Super Bowl ad that really grabbed people’s attention was the NFL Football that promo that celebrated the NFL. Players from the present and the past were featured along with celebrating what the NFL holds in the future all in one package.

From Michael Strahan, to Emmit Smith, Hines Ward, Eli Manning, Antonio Brown and even Tom Brady. Superhero fans were also amazed and went crazy at the new promo for the new Avengers movie scheduling to come out real soon. Next year the ads will be coming in once again, from surprises, to what was that we just have to wait till 2020 to see what’s in-store for our eyes once more. More exciting ads, and hopefully a more exciting game!