The Downsides of Parking on Campus

Megan Miller, News Editor

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Going to college is often thought of as your time to be free. Free from; parents, most rules, and your past. Having a car at school allows you to be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Other than the fact that the cost of parking is ridiculous here at Hartford, there are never any spots. Either the school has oversold parking passes or there aren’t enough spots. Many of us often drive around for at least 20 minutes to even find a spot, let alone a spot close to your dorm.

At 450 dollars, we should not have to compete for a place to park. Competing for spots is often dangerous as well, with students driving very fast around the parking lots racing for a place to park.

With a rigorous course load and schedule, nobody should have to incorporate the time of finding a parking spot into their day. The solution; either eliminate the excessive amount of 15-minute parking spots, sell less parking passes, or reduce the cost of the pass.