Newborn Babies Are Not Cute Whatsoever


Asia Arce, Entertainment Editor

If you genuinely think a newborn baby is cute, then you and I are complete opposites. To me, a newborn baby is just this weird being that is somehow wrinkly, yet not old. Do not get me wrong, I understand the meaning of a baby and the joy it can bring into one’s life. So I can see how that alone can make one overwhelmed with emotion and perceive their newborn child as beautiful, etc…. I myself will probably end up doing the same if I am to ever have children. However, I stand strong in my belief that newborn babies are not cute. The amount of newborn children that I have seen that were not exactly the cutest is fairly high. What do I do in that situation? Lie, obviously. No parent is going to want to hear that I don’t like their kid’s face. As I am saying this, I also want parents to take note of something. Do not force us, or ask us, if we think your baby is cute. All babies are little lumps of like…fat. What is so cute about that? Children have so many questionable attributes that parents will swear up and down are the most beautiful things ever. Do not get me started on when kids are all gap toothed when they start getting their adult teeth. *shutters while writing this* It’s really not that cute. Maybe I’m a bit harsh. Maybe. I just know that to me, newborn babies are much weirder looking than cute. What do you guys think?