We Made It!

courtesy of morrisontech.edu

courtesy of morrisontech.edu

Andrew Prokop , Editing Manager

As a school community, we have officially made it to Thanksgiving break without having a whole campus quarantine or being sent home and converting to fully online learning. I was initially a doubter when coming back to campus. I had plans for when we would have inevitably been sent home a few weeks later. However, here we are, outlasting many other schools in the area to remain open for in-person classes and allow our students to have some semblance of normalcy.  

That being said, our work does not stop here. As we continue to move forward, it is apparent that next semester will be more of the same, at least early on, with the hope of some loosening of restrictions as various vaccines and solutions become available. That starts now, with many of us traveling home over the break to see friends and family. It is crucial that as a community we hold a level of personal responsibility as we go home. That responsibility will help you ensure the safety of your family. Continue to look forward to next semester and maintain a safe return to build on the success we have found as a community this semester. 

Stay safe at home! Try to continue to follow general safety guidelines for your state or country, as cases have been on the rise worldwide. If there are no guidelines set in your area, try to follow similar rules to what we have experienced at school. Use the break to help unwind and ease your transition to online classes for the weeks to follow.

Great job this semester. I certainly do not want to understate the achievement that we as a community have made. We have all overcome much adversity, whether it was a difficult transition to online learning, if you have had to deal with the loss of a loved one, or even just learning to be distanced and be around yourself more. This has been a time of discomfort for many people, whether with boredom, anxiety, depression, or a combination. However, the thing about discomfort is that it is what causes growth. Continue to learn and grow as we continue through these difficult times and use this break as a chance to explore the idea of thanksgiving. Although there may not seem like there is a lot to be thankful for, look to the small things and the wonderful people that have helped you this year.