Tips For Dealing With Mental Health: Stress Overload


Image Courtesy of VectorTime

Kayla Boggs, Staff Writer

With final projects and final exams right around the corner campus is full of stressed out students. Stress isn’t always bad, and everyone needs it to some degree to help motivate them to complete tasks, but many students go down the rabbit hole of stressing out about being stressed and that can take a huge tole on mental health. Eustress is good stress and it primes the brain to perform at its best so try to avoid getting worked up about the stress you already are experiencing.

One way to help avoid doing this is to not waste time listening to your inner critic, if you have procrastinated something instead of wasting time being upset with yourself, talking down on yourself, just focus on the now and do what you can. Another way to help yourself is to not isolate yourself. If you are able to focus around friends create a study group to spend time with others and still get that interaction while getting this done. If you can’t get things done in a group setting, try to still make time or breaks to interact with friends because these relationships are vital to keeping additional stress away.

Using these tips can help protect yourself from stress overload and aid in keeping mental health from decreasing so try to implement them into your final weeks of the semester!